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Massage therapy stood the best of time. It has been used by Chinese, Greek, Roman and Indian civilizations. During a trip to Egypt last year I saw numerous paintings of people practicing massage in the tombs of kings and queens. And Julius Caesar was apparently given daily massage to treat neuralgia.


Many people tend to look on massage as a luxury found only in upscale health clubs. But massage is a great tool, a combination of art and science. It can have a major impact when treating tension, insomnia, headache, hypertension, arthritis, acute and chronic pain, and can promote healing in a variety of conditions.


How does it work? Research shows the enormous benefits of hands-on therapy. It fosters a positive emotional reaction to something physical being done to ease whatever ails you. That's why a massage therapist has so much more to offer psychologically and physically than a doctor who simply hands out prescriptions across a desk.


But there's more to massage than the touch of well trained hands. Massage, by manipulating tissues, muscles and tendons decreases stress hormones, enhances the production of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, and by improving circulation eases muscle spasm and joint stiffness. Besides, all this it makes you feel good, and how do you weight that benefit? The Mayo Clinic adds that studies show massage results in less pain in patents suffering from fibromyalgia, recent surgery and back pain. And we all know its benefits in sport injuries. In other studies, cancer patients undergoing treatment also reported less anxiety and pain if they had regularly scheduled massage sessions.





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